Business Processes

SP Capital Business Processes

Strong Business Processes lead to a more efficacious system of governance. The management shall, within its overall corporate plan, define and document a strategy that would eventually lead to superior performance, quality products, world class management practices and enhanced value to its shareholders.

The Board, as Trustees of resources that have been placed at their disposal for the running of the businesses, will select such Business Processes that are strong and robust to support the judicious utilization of these resources, thereby optimizing long-term returns. It is recognized that there can be no one universal model of a Business Process - different situations need specific solutions, which would be selected in keeping with the uniqueness of the situation and the demands of legal compliances and regulations.

Systems and policies should be clear and transparent, and shall be documented in manuals that serve as a valuable tool for learning and governance.

Any specialized knowledge and experience will be shared and made available for the benefit of all the constituents of the S.P.C companies.