Communication and Information

SP Capital Communication and Share Information

Effective communication is vital to avoid misrepresentations, misstatements, misleading impressions and untruths. All communication material shall be prepared against this backdrop and should be adequately backed by documentation to support any claims or statements made.

Information posted on the Company's website(s) shall be governed by the same standards as applicable to other communication material. We shall, on a timely basis provide reliable and meaningful information about our products, services, operating results, shareholding, structure and other activities to legitimately interested persons and as may be required by law, subject to considerations of the legal requirements, cost and confidentiality.

Given the sensitivities involved, certain designated persons or groups of persons will be authorized to communicate on specified matters and no other person would be expected to communicate in and out-of-turn manner on those matters.

We will maintain communication with our employees through our internal communication systems and by the consultative process.